Second Offense DUI

If you are facing your second-offense DUI within the previous seven years, you face increased penalties over your initial DUI. If this is your third DUI, you face felony charges with a mandatory prison sentence.

Having one DUI conviction already on your record means that you have a strike against you when defending yourself in court. The prosecutor will work hard for a conviction and heavy penalties. Your lawyer will need experience and knowledge of what options are available for getting the charges dismissed or reduced. In the Las Vegas metropolitan area, that means turning to attorney Jeffrey G. Sloane in Henderson.

Attorney Sloane has years of DUI defense experience and has earned a reputation for integrity among police, prosecutors and judges. We will thoroughly investigate your case and work hard toward the best possible outcome.

Will You Go To Jail For Multiple DUI?

Although second-offense DUI charges in Nevada carry a possible jail sentence of up to six months, there are options that may help you avoid time in jail. Attorney Jeffrey Sloane has earned a reputation for integrity and hard work on behalf of clients. He will work with the prosecutor to find a solution that may include successful completion of an intensive chemical dependency treatment program. Mr. Sloane will give you an honest evaluation of your case to develop an appropriate strategy.

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