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Let Jeff Sloane defend you in your DUI case.

Let Jeff Sloane defend you in your DUI case.

The flashing light reflecting in your rearview mirror is only the beginning of the challenges you face if you are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving in Henderson or Las Vegas. An arrest will result in two processes running concurrently: Criminal proceedings begin immediately, which require an attorney at your side to protect your rights. Second, there will be an administrative hearing regarding possible suspension of your driver’s license before a final verdict is rendered in criminal court.

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Located in Henderson and serving the Las Vegas area with three decades of experience as an attorney, Jeffrey Sloane understands the challenges his clients face when going up against powerful institutions and bureaucracies. He brings skills, experience and success in defending Las Vegas residents who face potentially life-altering criminal consequences.

Protecting Your Rights. Preserving Your Nevada Driver’s License.

A DUI arrest involving alcohol or drugs does not mean a conviction is imminent. In fact, our in-depth fact-finding often uncovers instances of errors and oversight that violate the rights of the accused. From the initial stop to sobriety and breath testing, we attend to every detail to build a strong defense against serious criminal charges.

Protecting your license is paramount and starts with scheduling a DMV hearing within seven days of your arrest. Failing to abide by that deadline will result in a suspended driver’s license. Not only will we take care of the administrative steps necessary to preserve your license, but we also can represent you at the hearing.

We take seriously the fact that our clients put a great deal of faith in us to find the best resolution to their drunk driving case. Whether they are facing first offenses, second offenses or felony DUI charges, they place a great deal of trust in Jeff to remain at their side throughout the administrative and criminal processes.

DUI — Drugs

DUI — driving under the influence — is not restricted to a blood or breath test indicating a blood alcohol content (BAC) above .08 in Nevada. Police also have the option of charging DUI for driving under the influence of drugs, including legal prescription medications.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence of drugs in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, call the Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Sloane in Henderson. Attorney Jeffrey Sloane is an experienced criminal law litigator with years of experience protecting the rights and futures of people facing serious criminal charges involving drugs and alcohol.

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