Marijuana Possession And Sales

Possessing marijuana for personal use may not seem like a serious offense, but it is not (yet) legal in Nevada. Police have the discretion of charging you with misdemeanor possession for catching you with even a single joint rolled up in your pocket. If the police officer finds you with more than enough marijuana in possession for "personal" use, you can also be charged with intent to sell, even if you have no intention of distribution.

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If you have been charged with possession and/or sales of marijuana in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, turn to drug possession defense lawyer Jeffrey G. Sloane in Henderson for aggressive legal counsel. Attorney Sloane has years of experience and is recognized by former clients, prosecutors and judges for his vigorous representation and hard work toward dismissed or reduced charges. Call the Henderson marijuana possession law firm right away to get a lawyer on your side who will begin working immediately to fight the serious consequences a drug charge and conviction will have on your record.

"No lawyer should ever make promises about the outcome of a case, particularly a case involving drugs. Prosecutors are under pressure to work aggressively to get a conviction, even for a misdemeanor marijuana possession. I have earned a reputation for integrity and will work hard to find an outcome that will not include the harsh penalties that can result." Attorney Jeffrey Sloane

Are You Using Marijuana For Medical Reason Or Because Of An Addiction?

When people can no longer afford or qualify for medication, they often turn to obtaining
prescription drugs through fraud or use marijuana to self-medicate the pain of a serious medical problem or chemical dependency. Attorney Sloane will do everything he can to find a rehabilitation program that may be available

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