Battery And Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence does not always involve husbands and wives; siblings, relatives, roommates and two people living together can be charged as well. Regardless of the relationship, prosecutors pursue convictions aggressively. Oftentimes, they add battery to domestic violence charges and heighten the penalties.

Cooperating under the belief that law enforcement is on your side only compromises your rights and potentially destroys your reputation. Without an attorney, you could find yourself with a “deal” that actually keeps the crime on your record, disqualifying you from jobs, schooling and housing.

Practical Legal Representation When You Need It

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Sloane, we represent Nevada residents charged with battery constituting domestic violence from alleged violent acts that include:

  • Hitting or punching
  • Pushing or shoving
  • Biting
  • Choking or strangulation
  • Cutting
  • Burning
  • Poisoning

Indirect contact can also be classified as battery in addition to domestic abuse, such as driving a car into another car while the victim is in it.

During legal proceedings that are complex and emotionally charged, you need an attorney who has practical insight on the law and the impact on the real lives of area residents. Jeff can help even the odds you face and fight to protect your freedoms and future.

A Battery And Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

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