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An agreement offered by one party and accepted by another is a contract. If you need help designing a contract, or standing up for your contractual rights, you need an experienced contract law attorney. Call Jeff Sloane now.

Jeff Sloane will aggressively defend you in your contract case.

Jeff Sloane will aggressively defend you in your contract case.

The concept of a contract dates back to ancient times when a person’s word was their bond. Today, those same contracts appear in writing. However, the modern rules regarding the formation and interpretation of contract are largely derived from the common law legal system. A contract is an agreement between two or more people having a lawful objective to do some thing or purchase some product in exchange for a corresponding exchange of value. When contracts are breached or are violated in any way, Jeff Sloane is an experienced contract litigation attorney in Las Vegas who has the knowledge, negotiation skills and experience to help resolve the contractual disputes you may encounter.

All businesses inherently deal with contract law; even if contracts are unwritten, as with many transactions involving goods or services. Since a contract is a legally binding agreement, and even an honest contractual mistake can cause serious problems, Jeff Sloane will use his deep understanding of contract law to work on your behalf to protect your business and ensure your rights are honored.

When a party to a contract fails to fulfill its duties under the contract, it is called a breach of contract. Parties to a contract might choose not to fulfill the bargain, and in some situations keeping with the agreement is simply impossible. The consequences for a breach of contract depend on the situation. One party may be required to pay the other for its loss, and it may sometimes be necessary to bring the matter to court.

A breach of contract can lead to the party who did not fulfill its end paying the other party for the damage that resulted. However, there can be a heated disagreement in court as to the exact amount of the award. Disagreements not resolved privately may be taken to court.

If a party intends to violate a contractual agreement, it must proceed carefully in making its intention known to the other party. If voiced improperly, statements of intent to breach a contract may be taken as wrong doing. When fulfilling a contract becomes impossible, it is important to be aware of the unique ways that contract law may impact your case. Disputes in contract law can involve complex questions of timing, and so you should consult a contract litigation attorney as soon as you suspect that a contract has been violated.

From non-disclosure agreements to insurance policies, let Jeff Sloane’s experience help you with all of your contract law needs.

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