Practice Areas

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Our firm’s attorney, Jeff Sloane, holds three decades of legal experience helping clients resolve some of their most complicated problems in a variety of difficult circumstances. He expanded his practice to better serve the daily needs of clients, with needs ranging from criminal defense to business litigation, contracts and creditor’s rights.

Business Litigation

When you have an issue with another business, Jeff Sloane is a business litigation attorney in Las Vegas that offers legal representation to help you settle any business disputes your company may have while dealing with private individuals or other business entities.


All businesses inherently deal with contracts; even if they are unwritten, as with many transactions involving goods or services. Since a contract is a legally binding agreement, and even an honest contractual mistake can cause serious problems, Jeff Sloane will use his deep understanding of contract law in Southern Nevada to work on your behalf to prevent errors, protecting your business from harm.

Criminal Defense

Las Vegas Defense Attorney Jeff Sloane’s experience means he understands how the law works in the real world. He will help you understand how judges may rule on your case, how prosecutors may approach your situation and what kind of options may be available to you under the law. These options include not only trial but also negotiating for a result that suits your best interests.

  • Domestic Violence Defense:  Do not make the mistake of thinking the court and prosecutor will help you be treated fairly in your domestic violence case. To ensure somebody has your best interests in mind, including fair treatment, retain Jeff Sloane.
  • DUI: We take seriously the fact that our clients put a great deal of faith in us to find the best resolution to their drunk driving case. Whether they are facing first offenses, second offenses or felony DUI charges, they place a great deal of trust in Jeff to remain at their side throughout the administrative and criminal processes.
Creditor’s Rights

A Creditor’s Rights Attorney isn’t just for companies seeking what they are owed in bankruptcy proceedings; they are a vital part of your team when multiple creditors are involved. When seeking what your company is owed, you need a Creditor’s Rights Attorney in Las Vegas who knows the rules governing creditor’s rights and that will fight for your case to have the strongest right to financial compensation.

Our clients need solutions for real problems: We know they put their faith in us to find solutions for them and fight for their rights during the legal process.

Hire a Collections Attorney that you can trust. Call Jeffrey G. Sloane today.