When to Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime is pretty scary and often intimidating and most people don’t have a background in law, which makes things all the more confusing. You’ve likely heard of a criminal defense attorney but that doesn’t mean you know what they do and why a person should hire one. Here’s a look at what criminal defense attorneys do so you are aware of it when it’s time to call on one.

What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

What can make criminal law so daunting is that it incorporates both federal and state legislation. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney needs to be well-versed in each of the legislations. In general state crimes are the most common and the attorney will be able to explain not only the definition of the law but also be well aware of the punishment that is given to the crime should the person be found guilty. The attorney will not only go over your entire case but will also represent you in court.

The U.S. Constitution states that all citizens who are charged with a crime are to receive representation in court. While it is not illegal to represent yourself in court, it’s far from ideal. It’s important to also note that punishment for crimes can be very minor such as a small fine or it can be quite serious such as several years in prison and in extreme cases the death penalty.

When to Call in a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

While you may be hesitating as to whether or not your charge requires the help of a local Las Vegas criminal defense attorney it is usually better to at least consult with one and let them offer you advice on whether or not they are needed. Without knowing the in’s and outs of the law you may find yourself guilty of a crime you didn’t commit or with a much stricter/harsher punishment then what a criminal defense attorney could have arranged for you. Remember claiming not to have knowledge about the law isn’t a defense that will hold up in court.

Walking Clients through the Process

Once you hire a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, they will be with you at each step. This means they will discuss the charge with you, they will be there through the pre-trail, and if you choose to retain one during the police investigation, they can even begin assisting you at that point. In some cases, people opt to hire an attorney before they are even charged. For these specific cases, the attorney will advise you the client on what to say to investigators, which will prevent you from incriminating yourself. Depending on the charges, the criminal defense attorney may be able to have them dropped thanks to improper procedures or insufficient evidence saving you from a trial altogether.
Should your case go to court the criminal defense attorney can prove to be invaluable as they know all the proper defense strategies and what the strengths and weaknesses are in your case.

The role of a criminal defense attorney is one that shouldn’t be under-valued as they can certainly alter the outcome of your trial to your benefit.

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