How to Proceed in a DUI Arrest

Before being caught in the unfortunate situation of being pulled over by the police, and subsequently arrested for a DUI, it’s wise to know what to do in the situation. By following a few simple tips and advice, you can at least make the situation as smooth as possible. Here’s a look at what to do if you’re pulled over and arrested for DUI in Las Vegas.

How to Act When Pulled Over

As soon as you hear those sirens go off it’s, your responsibility to find a place that is safe to pull your vehicle over as soon as possible. Even the manner in which you pull your vehicle over will be watched, and scrutinized by the Las Vegas officer. It’s important to drive calmly as this will reflect positively in the notes made by the officer.
As the police officer makes his/her way to your vehicle, be sure to remain in your car and don’t make any sudden movements. While a sudden movement may not seem like a big deal to you, the fact is that you don’t want the officer to think they have a reason to fear you. It’s a good idea to keep your hands on the wheel as the officer approaches so they can clearly see them. Treating the officer with respect is the best approach when speaking with them. If you get rude, hostile, or aggressive, you can be sure the officer will react in a negative way. You may be asked to get out of your car; if this is the case, you need to do so without argument.

What You Can Refuse To Do

While there are many things a police officer can ask you to do, there are some that you can refuse to comply with in Las Vegas. When you are asked questions, you want to be sure to tell the truth and be polite, but at the same time, you don’t need to answer questions that could be incriminating. The officer will request your registration, license, and name right away, which you’ll need to answer, but from there you can choose not to answer other questions.

You may be asked to take a roadside breathalyzer test, which you can refuse to take. In fact, it’s often wise to refuse it, as they are known for delivering inaccurate results. A sobriety test is another field test you may be asked to take. Again, you can refuse to do this. The problem with this test is that it is purely the officer’s opinion as to how you’ve done on it, and there is no actual science behind it. Why take chances?

At the police station, you will be asked to take a chemical test; this is the law and you won’t be able to refuse it.
There are local Las Vegas DUI defense attorneys that deal specifically with such cases and are knowledgeable in the area. A good thing to do on your part, which can help your attorney as they review your case, is to document the encounter. As soon as you get home, write down everything before, during, and after the arrest.

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