DUI Frequently Asked Questions

A DUI charge is a rather serious matter, as it doesn’t just affect you in the short-term, but it can affect you forever. Here’s a look at some basic DUI FAQs for Las Vegas, which will allow you to be better informed on what goes along with the charges.

How a DUI Affects You

Everyone is well aware that a DUI charge affects their driving record, but what people don’t think about is how much more it can affect. It can actually act as a criminal record for many years to come, and seriously hinder your ability to find employment. This is why it’s important to find a knowledgeable DUI lawyer who can walk you through the process, and hopefully find a solution that impacts your future in the least amount.

Many comment that the DUI process in Las Vegas is confusing, which is all the more reason to employ an experienced lawyer. Some lawyers will even meet with you, and offer a free consultation so they can let you know how they can help you with your case.

If it is your first or second offense, then you will likely face a misdemeanor charge. Things get more serious if there has been a death or injury caused by your DUI, or if it is your third or more offense in the last seven years. In those cases, the penalties are quite severe, and you won’t want to be defending yourself.

Refusing or Failing a Chemical Test

A chemical test is given to those drivers suspected of a DUI in Las Vegas. This test cannot be refused and if you do refuse it, you will most likely have your license suspended and face a fine. If you happen to fail your chemical test, a Las Vegas DUI attorney can step in and help you fight it. Just because you fail the test doesn’t mean your case is a lost cause, as the tests can be fought.

Once you have been charged, you will need to attend a hearing at the DMV regarding your driver’s license status, and one about the criminal aspect of the charge.

Choosing Your Defense

Because there are a variety of defenses a person can use in DUI charges, it’s best to get advice from a local Las Vegas lawyer and come to an agreement about the right one for your case. The lawyer can challenge the chemical test even if you failed, they can challenge field sobriety tests, investigate the arresting officer in regards to the probable cause, you can look into administration errors, and so much more.

Penalties for DUIs can include fines, license suspension, jail time, community service, registration suspension, and an alcohol dependency evaluation. The number and severity of penalties depends on the magnitude of the charges against you.

In some cases, the penalty that can be agreed upon is to have an ignition interlock device put into the car. This will force the driver to take a test of their blood alcohol concentration before being allowed to start up the car. If they pass the test, the car will start.

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